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Personal Kakes by KakeMi!

KakeMi Cakes was started by Marian Dossou, a fellow NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) member. In the spring of 2015, mug cakes were a trending phenomenon with recipes all over magazines, books, and Pinterest. The idea that anyone could microwave a bit of flour, sugar, butter, egg, and milk to create a fluffy and delicious cake was amazing! However, Marian quickly realized that those precarious measurements and resulting textures tasted more like rubbery bread than a homemade cake. And that's when her search for an easier, quicker, and better alternative began.

I am guilty of eating 1 cake a week for 3 weeks while I tested and photographed this process. Luckily Julian was traveling for business so I didn't feel guilty or forced to share my personal kakes. These are the perfect way to binge your new favorite show and indulge in something homemade in only 90 seconds.

Order yours now here:

Find kake decorating inspiration on their Instagram here:


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