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LBI Getaway with Audi and Fearless Restaurants

Fearless Restaurants are well known in Philadelphia PA for The Moshulu, White Dog, LouieLouie as well as several establishments in the suburbs. What most people don't know is they have 3 major locations in Long Beach Island, NJ one of them being a boutique hotel, Daddy O. Every season they invite Media and local Influencers for an overnight stay! Over the course of two days we get to stay at the hotel and dine at their restaurants, Plantation and Tuckers Tavern.

Last year I sold my car, so I needed a way to get 'Down the Shore', what better way then to cruise in style with a brand new Audi? The team from Audi Fort Washington hooked me up with an Audi Q7 for this getaway! Space is important to me since I've always got a ton of photography equipment, a traveling office and of course a few bags filled with fashionable look

s. (I have to TRY blending in surrounded by the fashion Influencers, who are much cooler than me)

All packed up and ready to go!


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