Fall Cocktails at Tria Taproom

The Tria team was kind enough to invite me into one of their tasting sessions while they experimented with new Winter cocktails. Some information I can't reveal yet! What I can share is one of the cocktails they have on tap for Fall right now. Their system is so unique, everything is on tap and measured out to a science. You can view their live all-draft beverage list on BevChek, with updates in real-time!

Michelle Cudia, the Cocktail Manager for Tria poured me one of their carbonated Apple Bottom Buck's.

The Apple Bottom Buck is a fall tequila variation on the classic New Orleans Buck (2003). We include Cimarron Reposado Tequila made with 100% blue agave and Wahaka Mezcal from the “maestro de mezcalero,” Alberto Morales. Unfiltered fresh apple cider, house-spiced honey, and fresh lemon and ginger juices are the perfect acid bite to complement the smoke and oak of the mezcal and tequila respectively.