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Escape SIPS at Butcher Bar

I've lived in Philly now for 10 years and the only time SIPS really interested me was when I was:

1. Underage 2. Single

SIPS isn't really all that bad, I mean you could run into Joel Embiid at Comcast Center..

If you're trying to avoid the entourage effect that is Center City SIPS you need to walk a few extra blocks to get to Butcher Bar. Butcher Bar offers sidewalk seating and a private back patio with delicious food and drink offerings.

Every Wednesday 5-7pm

$4 Beer

$5 House Wine

$6 Vodka Lemonade Cocktail

$5 Snacks

- Crispy Chicken Skewers with peanut sauce

- Arancini with mushroom cream sauce

- BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with siracha slaw


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