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Booze with a Mission

One of the easiest gifts to give this time of year is a new bottle for someones bar. Impress your friends and family with our new favorite rum brand that also has an important mission behind it. Single Prop Rum is asking you to take a stand against plastic straws with their #NOPLASTICSPACT. You can signup and take the pact too!

We made their signature cocktail, Air Mail

- 2 parts Single Prop Rum

- 1 part honey syrup

- 1 part fresh lime juice

- Sparkling Rosé

The flavor and story of this rum will transport you to the Caribbean. It was discovered while the founders were in a single prop airplane - they fell in love with the Caribbeans local tradition: slicing open a fresh coconut and pouring in some locally made rum. After that, they created Single Prop Rum. Single Prop is made with real coconut water, not 'flavored'.

Another sustainable factor with this brand? They give new life to coconut trees by repurposing their wood for their iconic Single Prop Rum bottle tops!


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