In Between Rivers has found the next best obsession for those eager to feed their sweet tooth: Sweet Box Bakery’s “Doughlicious” edible cookie dough! Safe to eat and sweet to the core, edible cookie dough is a trend sweeping metropolitan cities.

You may ask, isn’t all cookie dough technically edible? Well, yes and no. Technically yes, you can eat raw cookie dough in small amounts and likely be fine. However, typical cookie dough contains ingredients like egg and flour which, when uncooked isn't safe. Delightfully un-cooked, Doughlicious cookie dough is made without potentially risky ingredients like egg and uses special heat-treated flour.

Gretchen Fantini, owner of Sweet Box Bakery, caringly perfected the Doughlicious recipe into five signature flavors: The O.G. (original cookie dough), Campfire S’mores, Cheesecake, Cookies-n-Cream, and Birthday Cake. Prices are fair too - $5 for a small scoop, $7 for a large scoop, and $5 for a chocolate-coated pop (available in the O.G. flavor only). Assorted toppings and even a shot of milk are available as well!

Sweet Box makes Doughlicious flavors fresh every morning, meaning it’s only available until the day’s supply runs out. So hustle on down to their brick-and-mortar Midtown location for the scoop!