In the heart of the The Study at University City beneath a marvelous grey-tiled façade lies CO-OP, a spacious restaurant and lounge with a fresh take on urban cuisine. CO-OP is the brainchild of chef Craig Russell, a talented chef who has been attributed by IBR favorite Chris Kearse for his quintessential contributions toward putting Will BYOB, a restaurant recently lauded for its modern take on French favorites and masterful presentation, on the Philly culinary map.

This open-kitchen concept restaurant offers a unique take on modern American and maritime food. As natural light and large windows bathe the massive interior, fresh sweets in the window beckon passersby to come in, relax, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Daily pastries, cakes, scones, and croissants are available for only $3.50 a piece in flavors like Neapolitan, blueberry, and chocolate. *some doughnuts and cakes cost $8

And since Philly Spring has largely extended into what ought to be Summer, the aptly named Weather Report cocktail should probably be your first priority! This breezy cocktail includes Michters bourbon, earl grey syrup, and orange-vanilla house vermouth, making it the perfect quaff to quell the harshest of storms.

In Between Rivers started with the Maryland Crab Tartine, complete with Gribiche sauce, sourdough, and vadouvan spice, and the Cauliflower Dukkah. Topped with pistachio fennel, sesame, and Cipollini, this large plate gives a nutty, earthy flavor with a crisp, clean crunch.

For seafood lovers, IBR recommends the Mahi-Mahi with couscous, wax beans, capers, and white asparagus. CO-OP also has some incredible seafood and pasta options, including 7-foot long fettuccini noodles smothered in lump crab meat and basil pesto. If you can sleep at night knowing delicious Blue Crab Fettuccini is only a hop and a skip away, more power to you. We certainly couldn’t!

Not quite in the mood for succulent seafood? Never fear – CO-OP’s Rotisserie Green Circle Chicken and spring vegetables is the dish for you. Adding to the list of great things about CO-OP is the care they give to the animals they use – they are among the growing number of farm-to-table restaurants who develop mutually beneficial, eco-friendly relationships with the farms from which they purchase their meat. For instance, CO-OP purchases their chickens from a NY farm where the animals are fed leftover scraps of food!

Just in case you didn’t know, U-City isn’t just for students! CO-OP’s 156-seat massive indoor seating makes it the perfect reason to give University City a visit. So don’t you dare pass by CO-Op’s beautiful Chestnut St. entrance again. We promise it won’t take much to get your taste buds to CO-OPerate with this miraculous menu!

20 S 33rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
hone: (215) 387-1400