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Old City Eats

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Old City Eats


Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love. The Birthplace of our Nation. Philly is basically a living, breathing treasure trove of history, culture, and as In Between Rivers is happy to tell you, food. Yet Philly is also a city of neighborhoods. Chances are, the very things you love most about Philadelphia are the same reasons you should love Old City.

Old City is one of the many neighborhoods in Philadelphia experiencing a palpable uptick in chef-driven dining experiences. Always a friendly community of longstanding taverns with history and heart, Old City is rapidly transitioning from mostly bars to a well-rounded cultural, culinary destination.

To emphasize the incredible edible restaurants on just about every corner, Old City Eats has returned for the second summer in a row! This year In Between Rivers partnered with the Old City District to preview a few of the many extraordinary deals Old City Eats has to offer. Check out our favorite picks, and see the full lineup here.




136 Chestnut St.

Looking for the perfect place to start or end your OCE experience? Be sure to pop by Eulogy, Old City’s award-winning Belgian pub. Eulogy boasts the most extensive beer list in all of Philadelphia. With an amazing menu of over 400 beers and a cozy, gothic interior, you’ll want to grab a seat before this place fills up for happy hour!

Eulogy has concocted a Pomegranate Martini and a visually appealing Vanilla Vodka Sangria, both featuring Faber liquors. And since Belgian food is basically French techniques with German portions, we would be remiss not to tout Eulogy’s delicious OCE deals like Crostini Dijonnaise and Roasted Vegetable and Red Pepper Hummus wraps.

Old City Eats Menu:
Appetizer: Roasted Vegetables with Roasted Pepper Hummus (Spinach/Wheat Wrap +$1), Crostini Dijonnaise with Tomate Aux Crevettes (Spicy Shrimp and Diced Tomato)

Cocktail: Faber Pomegranate Martini and Faber Vanilla Vodka Sangria

Beer: Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Leffe Blonde and Eulogy Busty Blonde

216 Market St.

History buffs, Ben Franklin lovers, and enthusiastic drinkers will want to save room for Silence Dogood’s Tavern. Named for Benjamin Franklin’s sassy pen name, Silence Dogood is a welcoming bar with a monthly rotating draft list featuring local beers. For Old City Eats, Silence keeps its cool with several versions of “Big Ass Tator Tots”   and summery cocktails on special.

Old City Eats Menu:
Appetizer: "Big Ass" Tator Tots
Cocktail: Downeast Cider Cocktail (Downeast Cider on the rocks served in a mason jar), Summer in the City (Faber vodka, lemonade, fresh blueberries)
Beer: Local Beer of the Month

308 Market St.

High Street on Market, by the same owners of Fork restaurant, is the perfect open-kitchen concept to start your Old City Eats journey. Long mirrors and windows allow natural light to permeate through this rustic-chic restaurant which offers indoor and outdoor seating. With house-baked breads and artisanal menu items, High Street on Market is more like the highlight of your taste buds!

Try the tart yet not overpowering cherry cocktail made from Faber vodka and cold-pressed cherry juice. For Old City Eats, High St. also features decadent hummus made from roasted carrots with a long hot pepper relish drizzled in dark sesame oil. Enjoy your hummus with rich Volkornerot bread, a German rye bread made in-house with spelt and peppercorn sure to make you salivate!

Old City Eats Menu:
Appetizer: Hummus
Cocktail: Faber Punch
Beer: Victory Prima Pils

243 Chestnut St.

What’s black and white and read all over? Okay yes, technically a newspaper – you’ve clearly heard this one before. But more accurately, Little Lion on Chestnut Street! Formerly a repurposed bank building, Little Lion boasts a black, white, and red bi-level interior that’s both impressive and understated next to its incredible Southern-American menu. 

Old City Eaters will be thrilled with special options like Spicy Dry-Rub Chicken Wings and Southern Poutine. In Between Rivers could not get enough of the perfectly charred BBQ Chicken Sliders made with honey-mustard based BBQ and sour slaw. The Faber cocktail on special is about as fresh as you can imagine, made from house-squeeze blood orange, tangerine, and navel orange juiced featuring Faber vodka.

Old City Eats Menu:
Appetizer: Fried Green Tomatoes, Southern Poutine, Spicy Dry Rub Chicken Wings, and BBQ Chicken Sliders
Cocktail: Watermelon Margarita featuring Faber Liquors
Beer: Featured beer provided by Penn Beer

48 S. 2nd St.

Ask any regular and they’ll agree – there’s no better bar outside of southern Ireland than Philly’s own Sassafras, your favorite new neighborhood bar that you didn’t even know you needed! Even the friendly staff would eat at Sassafras daily, which is high praise from anyone who’s ever worked in the restaurant industry. With a vintage feel and historical charm, this watering hole is perfect and welcoming for any occasion.

While typically known for their burgers – which are incredible by the way – Sassafras’s easy-to-approach OCE menu highlights hand-cut truffle fries with roasted garlic and aioli and house-made fried mac and cheese bites. Wash down your comforting bar bites with a refreshing Hibiscus mojito, a drink so good you can feel it going through your system.

Old City Eats Menu:
Appetizer: Hand cut truffle fries, House made fried Mac and cheese
Cocktail: Hibiscus mojito featuring Faber Liquors
Beer: Victory Helles lager

120 Market St.

Much like its décor and overall aesthetics, the Gaslight’s Old City Eats approach is elegant yet simple: “Let’s just extend Happy Hour an extra hour on Thursdays!” This open industrial barroom is perfectly perched on the edge of Old City, just a few steps beyond 2nd Street. For OCE, Gaslight is offering its entire Happy Hour menu featuring delectable delights like the Single Patty Gaslight Burger – complete with Applewood smoked bacon, thick-cut pickle chips, aged cheddar, and spicy mayo. For smaller plates, be sure to try Gaslight’s German pretzel bites or the chef’s daily taco!

Round out your OCE adventure with Gaslight’s $5 cocktail specials like the “10 Cent Glamour Girl.” This flavorful quaff includes Faber vodka, lemon, soda, and blueberry shrub – a zesty libation of blueberries and sugar steeped in vinegar which helps to retain a vibrant blueberry color with a tart, acidic kick.

Old City Eats Menu:
Appetizer: German Pretzel Bites, Chef’s Daily Taco, Crispy Chicken Nuggets
Cocktail: 10 Cent Glamour Girl featuring Faber Vodka
Beer: Rotating beers