Spring Garden’s Bar Hygge is more than your average brewpub. The Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) emphasizes the general quality of cosiness, comfort, and meaningfulness taken from everyday things. While Bar Hygge’s menu is actually contemporary American, it’s ambiance certainly encompasses these qualifies through an inviting lounge, stuffed chairs, wood and brick interior, and large light-filled dining area.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate meal or a lively group celebration, Bar Hygge offers a comfortable, warm atmosphere perfect for parties of any size. Repurposed barrels and jigsaw-puzzle window panes are the staple of Bar Hygge’s decor, where iron bands have been molded into chandeliers and barrel slats are intricately woven to mimic the opposite brick walls. And if cozy camaraderie isn’t enough to sell you, Bar Hygge’s focus on locally-sourced ingredients and house-made everything should definitely draw you in.

IBR was lucky enough to sample Bar Hygge’s delectable brunch menu which features dishes like Jacked Up Hygge Home Fries, Eggs Benedict with Smoked Pork Belly, Buttermilk Pancakes, and Arugula Salad. Try the Julie’s Cinnabun - a soccer ball-sized serving of baked cinnamon rolls and house-made orange cream cheese frosting. We recommend either splitting this dish or taking some home in a doggie bag -- this gooey, warm, mouth-watering brunch item is so rich and yummy you’ll want to pace yourself in order to savor every last bite!

Bar Hygge’s cocktails are the perfect step into Spring. Featuring seasonal flavors and house-made juices, these delicious quaffs sure do pack a punch! And speaking of punch, try the special Strawberry Rum Punch made with strawberry puree, lemon, orange juice, white rum, black pepper simple syrup,and earl grey tea.

Bar Hygge
1720 Fairmount Ave
(215) 765-2274