Harp and Crown

Michael Schulson’s newest Rittenhouse addition Harp and Crown’s visual appeal is immediately apparent upon entry. The interior is breath-taking - 24-ft ceilings tower over perfectly manicured tables, natural elements are everywhere, large plants bring livery to the beautiful 32-seat oak bar, and golden light from chandeliers and candles bathes the room, welcoming patrons. A two-lane, reservation-only underground bowling alley also seeks to draw young, hip Philadelphians, while pleated leather seating beckons every customer to settle in with a literary-themed drink in hand.

If you’re looking for ambiance and a place to be tucked away with a few friends, Harp and Crown is your place. Order a few of their pizzas, we loved The Spicy Sopressata- it’s deliciously topped with shishito peppers, honey, and provolone. The remainder of the menu is overpriced and lackluster. Fancy options like octopus and pecorino tartufo dazzle the eye while ordering, but fail to leave a noteworthy impression.

Harp and Crown
1525 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102