The goal at every Gyu-Kaku location is to 'Spread the BBQ Love'. First you're greeted by the host and then as you're escorted to your table in the high-ceiling, industrial dining area everyone in the restaurant shouts in Japanese to welcome you. From the moment you enter this restaurant the experience is guaranteed to be fun and interactive.

With 600+ locations of Gyu- Kaku in Japan, DIY BBQ is a favorite traditional meal there. At just one year old- the 19th and Callowhill St. location has nailed down the Japanese authenticity. Ordering is simple, we started with appetizers which are prepared in the kitchen for you. First up is a traditional Seaweed Salad and the Spicy Tuna Volcano. Then get your fingers sticky with Spicy Miso Chili Wings

We HAD to get the Beef Sukiyaki Bibimbap Rice Bowl- your server comes to your table and mixes the beef and rice in a steaming hot bowl that cooks everything right in front of you! Now it's time for the fun part, grilling your entrees. Your server comes to the table to oil up your BBQ and light that fire. We chose the Kobe Filet Steak, the Bistro Hanger, and Garlic Shrimp.

You CANNOT forget about dessert here- of course they serve Smores Kits so you can keep having fun with that grill. Our favorite was the Green Tea Lady M Crepe Cake- that's right this is a layered crepe cake that is only made in NYC, it's refreshing and light the perfect way to end your meal.

1901 Callowhill St, Philadelphia, PA 19130
(267) 603-9482